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A compilation of all the places I’ve been or hope to be, things I’d like to do or see. A release of that itching beneath my feet, the places I dream to discover, the roads I’d love to get lost on. Crazy dreams, maybe. Maybe it will never happen.

But then again, maybe it will.

Adventures serve to remind us that we feel most comfortable in the familiar. But maybe turtles have it right, carrying their homes on their backs… You can take home with you to Bucharest, Brazil or Boise, India, Israel or Idaho.

Home is the people you love.

Adventure is simply life rightly considered.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,” he used to say. “You step onto the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”


At the end of the day
I believe i still can give because i’ve been given. Even if it is 5 loaves and 2 pathetic fishes or an sms that no one replies to, in the eyes of the world…. dont give up because in due season i will reap. My God will not be mocked.

I am not qualified (at all) but i know firmly i was called.